About Us

At Salty Pedaler we love all thing bicycles. We live and breathe bicycles, riding them to get around our city, to do our errands and to visit our local coffee shop or brew pub. We also ride our bikes for travel and love riding to be with our family and friends. Occasionally we will ride to test ourselves by taking part in a race, adventure ride, or charity event.

We express our love for bicycles by making choices in what we wear and other things we use in our daily life. We absolutely love our bicycle themed t-shirts and enjoy our coffee out of bicycle themed coffee mugs. At Salty Pedaler, we are passionate about designing products that excite us and we hope you like them too! 


Doug Robertson is Owner and Creative Director of Salty Pedaler. Salty Pedaler is based in the Upper Midwestern town of Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A.  Duluth is a wonderful outdoor town and in 2014, it was voted Best Town by the readers of Outside Magazine. We take full advantage of all the outdoor activities available to us. Bicycles are a major part of our outdoor pursuits.

Doug is the person behind our designs. His best design ideas are brought to life with the help of creative artists. Once the artists are finished with the designs they are presented on the website for others to enjoy. 

You can contact us at: info@saltypedaler.com