One of our favorites: Our "Four Season Cycling" design.

Beautiful winter cycling.

At Salty Pedaler we embrace cycling in any season. We live in a part of the world where winters are longer then summers. If you don't love riding in winter, then you miss out on a lot of months of cycling. And you miss out on some of the most beautiful scenery.

Spring comes late

Spring comes late and doesn't last long. Spring flowers always bring a smile to our faces.

Perfect Summer Days.

One thing our long winters do is make a perfect Summer day feel especially sweet. When riding on a dry, warm summer day with a light breeze, I revel in the warmth of the sunshine. I wish the ride would never end. It helps me forget the harshness of the winter months still fresh in my mind. 

Fall beauty.

The Autumn season is perhaps the sweetest of all. Cool days spent riding. Trying to take in all the Fall colors. There is so much beauty in the world that completely surrounds us. It truly is a glorious part of the year.

To celebrate cycling in all Four Seasons we developed the Four Season Cycling design.

Four Season Cycling

We offer it in Men's tee Shirts and in slim Fit Women's tee shirts. It is also offered in two sizes of mugs, 11oz and 15 oz.

We love to start our day with a rich cup of coffee or freshly brewed loose leaf tea in our Four Season Cycling mug. Order yours today.

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