Introducing our new "Ride Steel" design.

Here at Salty Pedaler we like bikes. We like bikes made of a wide variety of materials made for any type of riding. Whether it's aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, steel, or exotic natural materials like wood or bamboo. We like them all.

When it comes to our own personal bikes we have a strong preference for the ride and reliability provided by a fine steel framed bicycle. The pictures you see here are examples of our personal bikes we own. We have a soft spot for steel.

We have a new design to celebrate this love affair we have for bicycles made of steel. We call it our "RIDE STEEL" design. There are two versions. One is more of a traditional diamond frame.

The second design is more of a mixte, or step through version of a traditional frame.

We are offering both on t-shirts and our ceramic mugs. See our Home Page for the available selections.

And now through October 31, 2016 you can get 10% any order with the code: INSTAGRAM

Doug Robertson/Salty Pedaler


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