Bicycles are Freedom.

Every one of us that loves to ride bicycles has their own origin story. No matter what type of rider you are. Your origin story is your own personal story of how you came to be a bicycle rider. Many of us started as a kid. Some of us discovered the joy of riding as an adult. Some of us learned to ride as a child, lost our way, and came back to riding bicycles later in life. Regardless of how you got here, one thing we share in common is the feeling of freedom riding bicycles gives us.

As a child a bicycle expanded the size of our world. It allowed us to venture outside our own yard and explore the neighborhood. As an adult a bicycle can provide us the freedom to explore the world. For the adventurous you can explore any part of the globe by bicycle. For many the adventure comes from simply leaving the car at home and navigating the city you live in on two wheels. It's the feeling you get riding with friends and family. Freedom to explore the alley ways or woods of your town.

Personally I learned to ride a bicycle at a very early age. I felt the feeling of freedom as I rode my bicycle to my friends house. When we spent all summer riding the neighborhoods together. And when we made jumps out of scraps of wood in the cul de sac and pretended we were daredevils. All these years later I can still imagine the feeling of that warm summer air flowing over my skin as I rode along on my bicycle. As an adult, I can still get that feeling every time I get on my bicycle.  

To celebrate the feeling of freedom bicycles can give us, one of our first designs is our "Freedom" t-shirt. Offered in four different colors on American Apparel 100% fine jersey cotton t-shirts.


 We also offer the design on a white a 11 oz or 15 oz mug.

They are wonderful reminders of the freedom bicycles give us in our day to day lives.

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